Funky Brain Apps is finally here working hard to develop apps that will inspire and motivate users to get healthy and have fun! And were developing cool entertaining games as well. So please be patient and hopefully soon well be able to deliver what we set out to accomplish.

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ChewFitTips is a app that motivates you to be more active instead of being a couch potato. Rather than reaching for your bag of chips and soda pop! Reach for your phone to get motivated to get fit with your ChewFitTips Snack App!

Who the Hell is Funky Brain Apps?

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About Us

Funky Brain Apps is a cutting-edge application development group with some funky app ideas. The creator is a smart and caring guy who wants to bring motivation and a smile to everyone on earth.

What Kind Of Apps?

There working hard to build their brand, by bringing fun games and health/fitness apps to enjoy life. Whatever they make, they're not stopping until they can get our country into a healthier, happy frame of mind.


So check out Funky Brain Apps today. They are helpful apps that will motivate, inspire, and uplift you.


The App contains a notepad to keep track of your progress and save any idea's you might want to save.

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